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His boss and his fat co-worker were waiting. The Mentor pauses briefly, as he is now breathing heavily from this strenuous beating, to wipe the sweat from his brow, and to have a generous sip of brandy.

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Chance to kiss her boobs. Jacque smiled and said you can never keep a secret. Sams dick came into near contact with Manyas head when he bent and ran the blower, holding her thick hair in his hands in artistic appreciation. Blacking out. Unlock you legs please. We could start by practicing it on ourselves then on others.

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Oh god, I cant do it anymore. I HAD TO HAVE AN ORGASM. But before I could notice anything further about her body she undressed completely and then sat near me. Saliss grumbled and sped up to walk with Janis. Okay, okay, I guess we're both guilty, he said. Marys ass is sore and I think you should take care of it for her.

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Moments later, she was surrounded by the three other hooded figures who at first only watched as the pretty young brunette was stretched to her limit. Does it hurt, he asked softly. Yes, she replied truthfully, but there must not have been enough pain in her voice, as immediately he moved the lever another notch, which ever so slightly pulled harder on her arms and legs.

The low moan that escaped her lips must have pleased him, because for the time being, he didn't make another move to stretch her further. Instead, however, one of the other hooded figures held a burning candle over her nipples that dripped hot wax onto her vulnerable skin. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that burns, Montana moaned, please, no more. Quick as a cat, the hooded usher reached out and clicked the ratchet ahead a notch, causing her to moan even louder as the pain in her shoulders and hips intensified.

Don't ever tell us to stop, he admonished her, retribution will be quick and sure, do you understand me. Y-yes, she stammered, as her eyes began to blur from the pain, I understand. Very good, he continued, now, be a good girl and ask for some more wax. Oh, please, she groaned. Please what, he demanded.

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